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Culture and free time

Education and science




Important phone numbers
Survival guide for citizens of Tartu
Survival guide for citizens of Tartu
Boat trips
Inner city bus transportation
Taxi information
Tartu airport
International air traffic
Paid parking
Project Traffic
Project Cascade
Energy Efficiency Forum
History of Tartu
A brief history
Hanseatic town (3D pilot video)
Views of the 19th century Tartu
Historical pictures of Tartu
The Town Hall of Tartu
Let’s make Tartu chime!
Chime of Tartu Town Hall
Tartu Jaani (St Johns) Church
Tartu Jaani Church Foundation
Link to homepage
Tartu in figures 2001
Tartu in figures 2000
Tartu in figures 1999
Tartu in figures 1998
Tartu in figures 2003
Symbols of the City of Tartu
Flag and coat of arms of Tartu
Logo and slogan of Tartu
Public Internet Points
Tartu CityWiFi
Links of interest
Tartu mCity
Municipal maintenance hotline 1789
Backgrounds & ringtones
mCity videos
10 years of Tartu CityWiFi project
Exchange of Know-How
Writer Kathrin Schmidt at Tartu International Literature Festival Prima Vista
Tartu hosts major event on urban lighting, May 7-9
Foreign experts come to help by taking a fresh look at Tartu city planning
Care Workers in Tartu Drive Electric Vehicles
Tartu airport served more than 23 500 passengers in 2010 between Tartu-Riga and Tartu-Stockholm
Mobile Solutions in Tartu
Tartu Continues to be a Child- and Youth-Friendly City
City of Tartu, University of Tartu and Telia continue their cooperation in creating a better and more innovative living environment
Tartu brings participatory planning process into downtown
Electric cars will soon be rolling on the streets of Tartu
SmartEnCity – Towards Smart Zero CO2 Cities across Europe
Tartu Aspires to be a City with the Best Living Environment
From tARTu With Love
XXVI SELL Student Games will take place in Tartu, Estonia
Best Long Distance Skiers Start on Tartu Marathon
Project GreenMan
English Tartu & South-Estonia tourist information now in Facebook
Tartu & South-Estonia tourist information gathered into one newsletter
Taste of Europe
Residency Scholarships for textile and leather artists from Tartu Twin Towns
The Aura Centre celebrated ten years of successful work
Tartu brings participatory planning process into downtown
Tartu became a UNESCO City of Literature
Estonian National Museum in the international Hanseatic Days 2016 in Bergen
Bus tickets
Where to eat
Travel agencies
Conference facilities
Public transport and parking
Active leisure
Culture and free time
Main Events in Tartu
Main events in Tartu 2013
Main events in Tartu 2005
Main events in Tartu 2008
Active Holiday
Cultural Holiday
Museums & Galleries
The Department of Culture of Tartu City Government
The department of Culture
Cultural Municipal Institutions
Tartu City Day
Tartu Twin Towns’ National Cuisine Days 2013
Veszprém, Hungary
Uppsala, Sweden
Win an exclusive prize
Mayor’s Greeting
Culture Programme
Aegina, Greece
Baerum, Norway
Lüneburg, Germany
Pskov, Russia
Riga, Latvia
Baerum, Norway
Hämeenlinna, Finland
Kaunas, Lithuania
Riga, Latvia
Siena, Italy
Århus, Denmark
Uppsala, Sweden
Zutphen, Holland
Mayor´s Greeting
Tartu Twin Towns’ National Cuisine Days in Tartu 2009
Education and science
Preschool Childcare Institutions
Vocational Schools
Universities in Tartu
Tartu Theological Academy
Hobby Schools
Research and Development Institutions
Playgrounds and sport areas in Tartu
Organisation chart
Department of Architecture and Building
Department of Communal Services
Department of Municipal Property
Department of Business Development
Department of Finance
Department of Education
Jüri Mölder
Department of Public Relations
Health Care Department
Department of Culture
Office of the City Government
Department of Social Welfare and Health Care
Department of Urban Planning, Land Survey and Use
Office of the City Council
City Council
Electoral coalition Patriotic Citizen of Tartu
Triin Anette Kaasik
Standing committees of Tartu City Council
Faction of Estonian Reform Party
Faction of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union
Faction of Estonian Social Democratic Party
Faction of Estonian Centre Party
Vladimir Šokman
Electoral coalition Vabakund
Members of the City Government
Urmas Kruuse
Tiia Teppan
Vladimir Šokman
Aksel Kivi
Georg Aher
Aksel Kivi
Urmas Klaas
Karin Jaanson
Artjom Suvorov
Jarno Laur
Margus Hanson
Karin Jaanson
Argo Annuk
Valvo Semilarski
Jüri Sasi
Jarno Laur
Margus Hanson
Jüri Sasi
Raimond Tamm
Raimond Tamm
Jüri Kõre
Kajar Lember
Tiia Teppan
Jaan Õunapuu
Valvo Semilarski
Artjom Suvorov
Foreign Relations
Nordic Festival
Foreign Representations in Tartu
Foreign Relations
Protocol of Cooperation Between the City of Tampere (Finland) and the City of Tartu (Estonia) for 2001-2002
Pöytäkirja Tampereen kaupungin ja Tarton kaubungin välisestä yhteistyöstä vuosille 2001-2002
Samarbetsprotokoll för vänortssamarbetet mellan Tartu stad och Uppsala kommun 2001-2002
Cooperation Protocol. Twin Cities Uppsala and Tartu 2001-2002
Partnerschaftsurkunde der Stadt Lüneburg und der Stadt Tartu
Cooperation Agreement between Lüneburg and Tartu
Agreement on Cooperation and Development of Friendly Relations Between the City of Pskov (Russian Federation) and the City of Tartu (Republic of Estonia) (in Russian)
Agreement on Cooperation and Development of Friendly Relations Between the City of Pskov (Russian Federation) and the City of Tartu (Republic of Estonia) (in English)
Friendship and co-operation agreement between the towns of Tartu and Ferrara
Protocollo delle intenzioni tra il comune di Ferrara ed il comune di Tartu
Declaration of Friendship
Participation in the international organizations
Hanseatic town Tartu
Twin and Partner Cities of Tartu
Legal basis
Cultural Representations in Tartu
Representations of Tartu abroad
The development strategy "Tartu 2030"
Tartu Agenda 21
SAIL project - Tartu sub-project: Contents of Information Materials
Participative budgeting
Participative budgeting in Tartu 2016
Participative Budgeting in Tartu 2014
Participative budgeting in Tartu 2015